USDA Organic Jin Xuan Tea

Mountain Tea

This oolong is without a doubt meant to be enjoyed in a vacuum, as its flavors are subtle yet astonishingly deep.  The flavors from other beverages and foods will only confound the simple simple charm of this tea.  As with all mountain-grown JinXuan teas the mouthfeel is very substantial and full. This quality is the reason why masters gave the cultivar the moniker NaiXiang, or “milky.”  Many fledgling tea sommeliers expect creamy flavor, when the mark of an exceptional JinXuan is creamy mouthfeel. The potion is more milky than watery.

To bring out this quality, steep at 85C and be sure to rinse the teapot or gaiwan with hot water beforehand.  Steep for a little over two minutes, and pour out immediately into a second vessel to preserve the longevity of the leaf. As a general rule-of-thumb, lower temperatures will bring out the roundness of mouthfeel, while higher temperatures will accentuate a more floral taste that centers at the top of the mouth, just beneath the nose.  Add fifteen to thirty seconds to subsequent brews while making sure that your teapot has not cooled down.  The key is to avoid heat-loss mid-steep.

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