Vitaman Face Moisturiser


Tired of dehydrated, underperforming and exhausted looking skin? If so gentlemen, deploy the complete power of Vitaman's Organic Face Moisturiser, an extra concentrated, fast absorbing and matte finish daily moisturiser that will leave both you and your skin ready for action. This high performance nourishing and hydrating formula quickly gets to work on eliminating irritations, redness and greasy complexions. Bulking up your skin's natural antioxidant protection also, say a final farewell to rough, fine line and wrinkle prone skin.

Suitable for all skin types, apply the men's moisturiser twice a day, across the face and neck whilst working in towards the nose. Calling upon the supreme super charged men's skin care power of Blue Cypress Oil, Grass Lily, Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamins A and E, now is your chance to look younger, heal your skin and most importantly, leave it protected. Promoting rapid healing and anti bacterial properties, revive and reignite your grooming standards with Vitaman skin care, to this day, one of the best.

  • 75% Certified Organic
  • 99% Naturally Derived 


1. Extra concentrated
2. Matt finish
3. Fast absorption
4. Nourishing and hydrating
5. Calms irritations and redness
6. Non Greasy
7. Antioxidant protection


Aloe Vera Gel Unique nourishing properties promote minor wound, burn and rash healing & is an excellent moisturiser & emollient.
Vitamin E  An anti-oxidant superhero. Protects skin cells from environmental damage.
Vitamin A An antioxidant that provides cell protecting properties.
Grass Lily Promotes rapid healing of the skin. Hydrates, moisturises and heals skin irritations. Used to heal burns, cuts & abrasions.  Relieves itching, skin irritations
Blue Cypress Oil Anti-bacterial properties help relieve sore, sunburnt, itchy, irritated and/or flaky skin whilst cleansing and conditioning the skin and/or hair.


Apply 2- 4 times daily to the face and neck area, working it in towards the nose. Suitable for all skin types


  • Dry dehydrated skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Rough skin
  • Tired dull looking skin
  • Fine lines & wrinkles


  • Face & Body Cleanser
  • Face Mud Masque
  • Face Scrub

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