Vitaman I-Zone Eye & Lip Reviver Gel


If 6 a.m starts, a crippling lack of sleep or other day-to-day factors are playing havoc with the freshness and firmness of your under eye skin, wait no more for a great solution in the form of Vitaman’s superb under eye gel. Developed to fight and eliminate puffiness, eye bags and dark circles, whilst utilizing an enhanced bio delivery system to the skin to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkle, Vitaman is a man you’ll want firmly by your side in your daily grooming assault course.

Helping to even out skin tone as well as tighten the your under eye skin, it’s time to take the weight of the world off your eyes with the high performance power of Vitaman skin care. Hydrate thoroughly and give your skin a more silky feel with twice daily use of this men’s eye care marvel. Scientifically proven to strengthen capillaries for a more vibrant look, this concentrated powerhouse wastes no time in making a long lasting impression.

Suitable for all skin types and easily applied by dispensing a small ‘pea size’ amount onto the finger and massaging onto the under eye areas for approximately 30 seconds

  • 7% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • 99% Natually Derived Ingredients


1. Helps even out skin tone
2. Reduces dark circles
3. Tightens and firms skin around eyes
4. Reduces the look of puffiness
5. Hydrates and nourishes the skin
6. Leaves an amazing silk feeling
7. Strengthens capillaries


Ubiquinone (Co-enzyme Q10) High in Vitamin C it's excellent for treating sore, itchy, dry skin and controlling skin irritations & inflammation.
Green Tea Extract Herbal anti-oxidant that reverses skin damage.
Vitamin A & E Antioxidant's that protects skin cells from environmental damage.   
Rosehip Oil Moisturising, hydrating and anti oxidants.
Grape Fruit Oil Natural skin toner and tightens puffy skin.
Bilberry Extract Helps even out skin tone and reduce dark circles.
Eyebright Extract Tightens & firms skin around eyes, reduces the look of puffiness.


Uses daily. Best used after skin has been shaved and rinsed. Dispense a few drops of Wrinkle Smoother Serum onto the heel of the palm. Press and smooth onto face, neck, eye area and hands, For maximum effect always apply moisturizer after use. Suitable for all skin types


  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness
  • Fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Dry lip


  • Skin Protector Serum
  • Wrinkle Smoother Serum
  • Age Control Face Masque
  • Face Moisturiser

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