Voyage de Parfumeur Candle, Rose, Anatolia - Turkey


Rose. The ultimate flower. Born with Aphrodite, goddess of love, rose is worshipped and cultivated in many countries. The Turkish province of Anatolia, which "makes the sun rise", houses the city of roses. Indeed, the rose has multiple facets: rustic and sophisticated, sweet and prickly, fresh and opulent… Rose is never exactly the same. Nor is it completely different. Here, the rose scent first evokes a bud: soft and green. Then its petals unfold and reveal a note of white peony and spices. Finally, the rose reaches its full blossom in a diaphanous note of musks and Cashmere wood.

  • "Voyage de Parfumeur" collection, highlighting Lalique’s Hirondelles motif
  • Black lacquered glass
  • Scented candle 190 g
  • Burning time: 40 to 50 hours

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