Whiskey Aroma Kit, Set of 24


Awaken your sense of smell and with this comprehensive aroma recognition training tool. The precise chemical recipes for each aroma bottle (4ml) contained in this kit have been meticulously composed and praised by professionals.

A renowned tool for personal development and professional accreditation purposes, we use food-safe preservatives in our aroma formulations to maximize their stability and shelf life.

This beautiful aromas kit in leather includes:

1. lemon
2. pear
3. peach
4. orange peel
5. rose
6. hay
7. malt
8. toast
9. coconut
10. hazelnut
11. oak
12. pine
13. ginger
14. vanilla
15. cinnamon
16. liquorice
17. chocolate
18. sherry
19. leather
20. earth
21. medicinal
22. smoke
23. tar
24. bacon

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Type: Gourmet

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